Why Us ?

Our School stands for structure, stability and it’s commitment to discipline. We also ceaselessly strive to keep abreast of our times to be able to create an environment at school that nurtures all the faculties of our children: social, physical, intellectual and emotional. We like our children to feel safe, well-loved and secure in the […]

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The vision, having a uniquely diverse population and a tradition of quality education, is to ensure that each student achieves optimal academic and personal potential by providing a safe and nurturing learning environment, which builds a strong foundation for character development and lifelong learning; utilizing best educational practices to engage each student in a culturally […]

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Vedic Aadarshkulam provides a friendly, relaxed, family-like atmosphere of learning for your child.  Your child enters a community of learners that supports and nurtures holistic growth of mind, body, and soul.  Our curriculum integrates each of these aspects into your child’s day at school.  Just like a family, students, faculty, staff, and parents work to […]

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Our Features

Our Schools that reward intradepartmental and interdepartmental sharing will see a huge increase in the quality of classroom teaching.


When a decision is made in the school, the first thought should always be: “What’s best for the students?” When everyone shares this belief, infighting will lessen and the school can focus on the business of teaching.

Mentoring Program

Mentors can help new teachers understand the culture of the school and navigate its bureaucracy in areas such as field trip procedures and purchasing classroom supplies.

Empowered Faculty

When the faculty is empowered to make decisions backed up by the administration, a level of trust grows that allows for greater innovation and more effective teaching. A teacher who feels empowered and involved.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurriculars, as they are often called, are part of the balanced approach to learning and maturation which most  schools feel is a critical part of the mission.

Extensive Sports Programs

We take the view that sports and arts programs provide balance to the learning and maturation processes taking place in young people during high school.

Small Smart Class

We believe that having a small number of students in a class is that teaching and learning can occur. Since you send your child to school to learn, small class size is a feature which you want.